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IBM's High Tech Center
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IBM's High Tech Center
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In addition to the dramatic lighting and incredible interior design that features the IBM logo as a thematic element, the remodel of IBM's Rome facility included the thoughtful addition of the most advanced audiovisual technologies to give guests a comfortable and elevated customer experience. In fact, the Center provides all the tools necessary to explore IBM's innovative solutions in an exciting atmosphere.

AMX control, video distribution, and touch panels were chosen to make the user experience smarter and to simplify the use of technology. The new system includes AMX Enova DVX All-In-One Presentation Switchers, Modero X Series Panoramic Touch Panels, Wireless Touch Panels, and more. All these combine to render this highly sophisticated system that's seamless to the end user.

"Considering the special type of space, the framework of AMX programming [was] more flexible and more suitable for our needs. The technical infrastructure in its complexity becomes transparent to end users. Moreover, the wireless touch panels release us from the use of conventional podiums."

– Thepadol Dardarananda, IBM Software Executive Briefing Program Manager