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Takming University of Science and Technology – The Smart Hybrid Classroom

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Takming University of Science and Technology – The Smart Hybrid Classroom
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The Vision

The new blended teaching classrooms at Takming University of Science and Technology were completed in early 2022. These intelligent learning spaces required:

1. Next Generation Teaching Technology 

Two 86-inch touchscreen monitors and a professional auto-tracking camera are installed in each classroom, as well as a customized multi-functional podium. 

2. Import IoT technology 

The electronic whiteboards can transcribe hand-written notes, display presentations and play back video content. They can also supplement teaching with instant access to learning  resources on the Internet. 

3. Post-pandemic BYOD trends

Teachers can easily connect IT devices (including mobile phones and tablet computers) to project wirelessly to the displays. This gives the staff the flexibility to blend traditional teaching resources with student generated content. 

4. Hybrid Learning 

The auto-tracking camera enables facility to record and stream all teaching sessions, without the need for a dedicated camera operator in the room. Intelligently following the teacher, the camera captures dynamic footage that is detailed and engaging. The class can access recordings or watch the live stream to consolidate their learning and study independently from home.

Customer Requirements

Classroom technology must be simple to control, adaptable to different teaching styles and customizable for various academic subjects.


Replacing the projector with a smart touchscreen monitor makes switching inputs virtually instant. It also adds the ability to write directly onto the display.


The custom-designed digital podium with the Elgato Streamdeck enables teachers to record sessions with a single click using the OBS Broadcast software and Lumens VC-TR1 auto-tracking camera.


JECTOR's 86-inch touchscreen monitor replaces the traditional whiteboard and encourages interaction and group discussion.

Key Features:

1. Exclusive custom digital podium

Teachers can display byod devices (laptops, tablets and phones) on the screen by selecting the source on the touchscreen controller.

2. Multi-screen presentation

Installing multiple screens into a classroom provides a vast visual canvas: teachers can present a variety of resources across different screens, or a single resource on all monitors. 

3. Digital whiteboard

The dust-free digital smartboard is cleaner and convenient than a traditional board. The split-screen writing function allows students to work collaboratively and share content via cloud disk or QR code.

4. Distance Education

Smart hybrid classrooms are equipped with auto-tracking cameras that can automatically capture teaching footage without the need for an operator. The media control panel on the digital podium triggers recording and streaming with a single click.

5. Live recording application

The Lumens VC-TR1 is connected to a computer via USB. Running OBS software, the teacher can easily record and stream live to students over the Internet.