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Partnering With United Technology Service To Improve Surveillance at Robins Air Force Base

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Partnering With United Technology Service To Improve Surveillance at Robins Air Force Base
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Partnering With United Technology Service To Improve Surveillance at Robins Air Force Base

United Technology Service (UTS) is a full-service provider of enterprise-wide technology solutions. As a full-service systems integrator, UTS compliments its product offerings with unbiased consultation, design engineering, product procurement, systems integration and more. Through this value-added service approach, UTS ensures their customers receive dedication attention and long-term commitment to support their investment.

“Through the years, we’ve redeveloped our business to include all the turnkey solutions for any particular site build-out, including secure enterprise systems,” said Carlos Rivera, President, United Technology Service.

Throughout their history, UTS has partnered with Winsted to ensure their customers receive the best solutions for their technical control room environments. Around five years ago, a customer came calling to UTS with this exact need. It was the U.S. Air Force. Specifically, the Air Force was looking for a solutions provider to redevelop a video surveillance control room to improve situational awareness on Robins Air Force Base, located in Houston County, Georgia.

Updating Surveillance & Improving Operations

Robins Air Force Base was looking to improve the 402nd maintenance operation center while also building a new video surveillance system. The operation center is responsible for dispatch control and other radio dispatches for the 402nd maintenance wing of the base.

As the project began to unfold, Rivera and his team turned to their longtime partner, Winsted, to help with technical furniture.

“Once we were presented with the sit/stand desks, we saw that it was a natural fit,” said Rivera. “Being that it’s a 24/7 operation, we wanted to offer the sit/stand option for ergonomic reasons.”

Ergonomic Benefits for Air Force Operators

For this type of government project, the World Building Design Guides (WBDG), specifically Unified Facilities Criteria and GSA’s P100 Design standards, governed the design process.  The standards outline requirements for the comfort of control room operators.

“We wanted a more flexible facility, said Rivera. “That made the sit/stand desks a natural fit.”

Winsted worked with UTS to layout and design a series of Impulse Dual Sit/Stand workstations for the space. As the teams were designing the plan, they kept sightlines top-of-mind, ensuring no views would be obstructed if desks were raised.

Winsted has a great, straightforward team,” said Rivera. “They worked with us from developing CAD drawings to product design and construction.”

During the installation Winsted was there in lockstep with UTS to achieve a successful outcome.

The users are ecstatic with the outcome.