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Christian Broadcasting Network upgrades to IP with ODIN

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Christian Broadcasting Network upgrades to IP with ODIN
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The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) has successfully used RTS intercom solutions for nearly 20 years. For their upgrade to an IP-based system, Kent Denton (Director of Engineering for the network’s studio headquarters building in Virginia Beach, Virginia) and his team selected the new RTS ODIN digital intercom matrix.

The new installation utilizes eight single-RU ODIN units, each with 32 ports, serving four production control rooms, along with their associated TV studios and post-production facilities. The system also provides RVON (RTS Voice Over Network) IP connectivity to the CBN Washington Bureau and Regent University.

The ODIN units are joined by 38 new RTS keypanels, split equally between KP-5032 and KP-32 models. Two TM-10K trunk masters support communications between separate intercom systems. In addition, CBN purchased 24 OKI interface cards to upgrade legacy keypanels to operate with OMNEO IP networking architecture*.

“Our primary goal was to add the speed, functionality, and flexibility of an IP-based system,” says Denton. “ODIN provides all of that. In addition, the fact that a significant amount of our existing RTS equipment and panels could be easily integrated into the system made it even more appealing financially. Considering all of that, it just made sense to choose RTS.”

With its scalable IP technology and analog compatibility, ODIN has the flexibility to adapt to changing needs, supporting Dante audio networking via OMNEO as well as both two-wire and four-wire analog. Configuration is easy via the familiar RTS AZedit application, and RTS Inter-Frame Link technology enables flexible linking of multiple frames. Reliability is assured via ODIN’s redundant power supplies and five cooling fans, and each unit consumes under 50 watts, reducing cost of ownership.

With ODIN in place, CBN has now integrated Dante and RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) streaming capabilities alongside analog audio. “We’re very happy with our purchase and pleased with the performance of the system,” says Denton. “The transition has been virtually seamless for our production staff, and they appreciate the higher quality audio that the ODIN system delivers.”

From a business perspective, CBN views RTS as a long-term partner, as evidenced by the network’s long history of success with the brand. “The production intercom is one of the most critical and complex systems in our facility,” says Kent Denton. “It has to work reliably, all day and every day. We consider this to be a 10-plus year investment, so it’s also important that the manufacturer will be around to provide ongoing support for the duration. We have enough history with RTS to be confident that they will go the distance with us.”