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Countryman A4CDM Desk Mount

Model: A4CDM

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The Countryman A4CDM Desk Mount is specifically designed for the ISOMAX 4RF microphone. It consists of an XLR3F connector module which the microphone plugs into, and a metal bushing that can be mounted through a table top or podium surface. It both supports and connects the mic, and provides an attractive, unobtrusive mount with a very small footprint. This kind of mounting is practical only because of the ISOMAX 4RF’s Active Vibration Isolation; other podium microphones require bulky shock mounts to avoid table vibration noises. Mounting the A4CDM requires drilling the table surface and soldering to the connector module, and is recommended for permanent installations only. The mic itself is held in place by the XLR connector’s latch and can be easily removed for storage.

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