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SMART Technologies Inc. is a world leader in simple and intuitive classroom technology solutions. We are an innovator in software and interactive technologies that enable natural collaboration, helping every student and teacher discover and develop their greatness. To learn more, visit

Model: M486-V5-P

The TAA-compliant SMART Board® M Pro high secure series TAA is an interactive display that turns any content on a PC into an engaging experience without ever sacrificing reliability.
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Brandeis Elementary // Gardening Offers Rich Soil For Students’ Growth and Learning
Posted on Monday, August 14, 2023
At Brandeis Elementary School, students learn by doing. It’s a core component of the school’s STEAM emphasis. Brandeis aims to encourage experimentation, questioning, and hands-on learning. This year’s hands-on learning project requires those hands to get a little dirty along the way.The students are planting a garden, from seed to harvest and in all sorts of weather.